Saturday, January 31, 2015

Tick, Tock, waiting for the money tree to bloom

I'm waiting for the funds for this season to materialize, which should hopefully be in the next few weeks.

Although I'm still jazzed about an FP/XP Z3 build, I've been in the hunt for a no-sunroof, manual seat E46 M3 to have as a backup car for F-Street class. E46 M3's took a number of top positions at SCCA Solo Nationals so it would be a great car for a daily driver to replace the 160k, 328i.

I had one sourced, but sadly, the dealership that had it, knocked off $1k in price, and it sold pretty much immediately after sitting on their lot for the better part of 6 months. MurphysLaww racing for ya'

I'm keeping a lookout for more with this lack of options, as it's also that many fewer electronics that can go wrong. This is the weight savings I'd be looking to get out of one.(this is an estimate based on other peoples postings. I will weigh mine myself and update it)

This should bring it down below CSL weight, and be closing in on Z3 Prepared class lb/hp ratio.

I think the CSL is not allowed in stock class, but I may be wrong

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