Friday, February 8, 2013

2013 starts Sunday... with a sigh.

New racing season coming up, but I'll be somewhat on the sidelines. I'll be running, but in Street tire stock class.

The wife's schooling has stepped up a notch and will be at full speed this fall. Studying for network engineering certifications at work will take much of my time this year with at least 5 tests and 3 certifications planned.

The Bimmer will get new tires and suspension at some point, hopefully in the next month. I plan on attending the Texas National tour at the end of March, and probably the Texas Pro-Solo as well.

I have added 255/40-17 Sumitomo HTR-z II's to the rear, replacing the 225/45-17 all seasons and it resulted in  quite a bit of improvement at the Harris Hill event, autocrossing on a race track. Moving up to 4th out of 21, after some dismal finishes on the skinny all seasons.

Due to this, I think I may be remotely competitive in tire class with 255/40-17 Hankook or Dunlop Autocross tires, and new Bilstein sport or Koni Sport suspension.

Money's tight, so I have no idea when that may happen.