Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Season coming, closed out the last well

Getting progressively more excited about the coming season. Funds for the season, which I expected in January, won't be available until mid feb, though, so I'm still looking for my rides.

I have a good prospect for a Z3 3.0 that was a former STR car, but it's up north. Logistics could be a problem. I'm thinking somewhat about skipping F-Prepared, and jumping straight to X-Prepared too, which would allow me to pick up a Z3 M instead. There have been a few reasonably priced ones around here locally recently. It's going to pain me though to cut the windshield off of an $8k + car though, so I'm not sure I'll go there.

Finished the season well, and picked up my first season class trophy.

Take it with a grain of salt as the more competitive F-Street drivers in our class with appropriate cars were running in what we call Pro-Pax class. I was probably running one of the lowest powered cars allowed in the class, so there's that.

Two of those three did trophy at Nationals this year, and the other was just a bit out. If I can come up with a more appropriate F-street car for next year, I'll bump to Pro-Pax as well.

Been looking at this one... It will probably last due to some significant issues, but appears to be a no-sunroof, manual seat car. I'm not sure if one would be competitive against the 15' stang, but It will be my daily, and I'll generally be focusing on the F/X-P car so that doesn't really matter.

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