Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 race schedule

Two National tours and Nats, and Two Pro-Solo's and the Pro-Solo Finale

I've got a fun year ahead in Solo.

Mar. 16-18
Sun Belt National Tour
Texas A&M
College Station, Texas

Pro Solo Round 2
April 20-22
Mineral Wells ProSolo
Mineral Wells Airport
Mineral Wells, Texas

May 25-28
Spring Nationals
Central States Championship
Lincoln Airpark
Lincoln, Neb.

Pro Solo Round 4
May 25-28
Spring Nationals
Lincoln ProSolo
Lincoln Airpark
Lincoln, Neb.

September 4-7
Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Championships
Lincoln Air Park
Lincoln, Neb.

ProSolo Finale
August 30 - September 2
Lincoln Air Park
Lincoln, Neb.

A few minor changes = BIG results

Haven't been keeping up with this, as I have a build thread in NASIOC as well. The car is progressing pretty well. Still don't have camber plates but have added 17x8 wheels, and a 22mm rear ARB and new 245/40/17 Dunlop Star Specs. Same tire and size as before, but with a lot more rubber, which can be a detriment sometimes, but seems to have worked out.

I was going from 13lb 17x7.5 wheels to 19lb 17x8 wheels, so I was worried a bit about the weight increase, but it doesn't seem to have hurt anywhere except in the milage department.

I ended up 2nd overall in both Raw time and PAX. Gotta luv beating a Lotus, Porsche, Nissan GTR, and a few Vettes in straight time, not to mention several STi's... In a WRX, and the low HP WRX as well.

Improvement on similar length courses on the same surface at Retama downs in San Antonio against the one STi that was in both races:

September race:

December race

Went from over a second behind him, to a second and a half ahead. This, I think, bodes well for next year.

Will be running a Houston race on Jan. 9th, and will get to let James Wilson, my suspension benefactor, co-drive the car as it is. It should be a longer course, so I'll get to let her run a bit.

New Odyssey 15lb battery, replacing the 28lb stock batt. Probably just got back the weight I added with the heavier rear ARB, but took it off the front, and added it to the back, so it will even the weight distribution out some.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Front struts are here, but DOAH!

Mistakenly sent the height adjustment collars back with the bent struts.

Now have to wait for new collars to arrive. The camber plates will be here Thursday. It's gonna be tight to get it all back in for Sundays race.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Yep, already, post 2

Ordered the Ground-Control Camber plates from, go figure :

The (more than) slightly tweaked suspension is going back by UPS today. Hopefully the new fronts and camber plates will all be in by the next race on the 14th.

Results from the last race. First race with the new suspension and exhaust on semi-permanent loan from the very generous JW2, James Wilson.

While still a good ways behind him (2.8secs), to get to this close with just newly installed suspension, wheels, and an exhaust probably bodes well, as SportsCar magazine has picked John Hale to win the STU class at nationals. My car will actually be in STX class next year, and I was only a 10th behind an STX Civic that was the only car in that class this last race. Looking for good things and to put a bit of fear in the local STU guys.

Post One

Well, I had a long winded post about what this was all about, but the wonderful software that is Internet Explorer apparently also thought it was too long and killed most of the windows I had open on my machine. Bravo MSoft !