Sunday, February 22, 2015

It's here... 2015 season in F-street, Street Touring Ultra, and E-Street Prepared can now begin.

And already up on scales

Just a hair under 3600 lbs

And the 328 is sold and off to be stripped, caged, and eventually a full on race car for Vorshlag Motorsports shop team for WRL racing. Can't wait to see it out on the track, even if it won't be me driving.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Funny Story...

Yeah, so I'm not getting the M3, or likely the Z3.

Deposit put down on this, which was always a dark horse candidate:

Non-performance pack (no brembos, no 19" wheels/tires/upgraded springs), and non premium, no leather, lots of doo dadds missing, but either way, PP, or premium it was going to be $4k more. I'd rather invest that in suspension and moving to ESP where you can really let this thing sing.

Looking at bumping the tires to 265/35-18's and run F-Street for a while, then upgrade the exhaust, intially, and start getting advice on suspension, for a move to E-Street Prepared. Supposedly, the move to a Magnaflow exhaust yields another 30hp at the wheels, so engine hp the car would be in the 470hp range. I don't know that I need to do much more than that. I'll be focusing on suspension and getting the R-comp rubber to stick.