Monday, January 23, 2012

Next up is the First SASCA autocross this coming weekend, then a Spokes Autocross the next weekend, then The Lemons race. Actually, I have no non-race weekends through April 1st.

Intended to just help out at the series race this weekend, but ended up racing as friend, and race organizer, and my suspension sponsor JW2, didn't have enough time to run his own car, so he graciously let me drive the front wheel drive Subaru Impreza along with Scott Rogers. We de-beaded a tire our third run of the morning and were charged with a 100 second run for the run we missed, so I might have made it up to 4th, but still out of the trophys. If I had made the Hairpin without multiple cones a couple times, might have made it into the trophy's I tried the e-brake turn a couple times, but couldn't quite get it right.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Feb 11th-12th Texas World Speedway 24 hours of Lemons

I've officially signed on with the Lemonspeed racing team to help pilot a 97' v6 mustang in two 7 hour endurance races at Texas World Speedway.

All told between fees to the Race, my portion of the wear and tear and consumables on the car, and Safety gear, a Lemons race is going to cost someone like me around $1k. That's somewhere around $250 per hour of track time, but once you buy the safety gear, it's yours to keep, so the next race will obviously be cheaper.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Houston event #1

Race went well. The car seems to be competitive now and when I am able to add camber with camber plates, and power with a downpipe and STX tune, it should be even more so.

Won STX at the event and was 6th overall in PAX. A dirty last run, if clean, would have resulted in 3rd in PAX. Last run was a 55.5, but with two cones.

Next Event will be a SASCA Auto-x on the 29th. Won't have added anything to the car by then, still paying for my Next Big EVENT, February 12th-13th, 24 HOURS OF LEMONS !

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Decided to mix my virtual race exploits here as well

This was one of my latest accomplishments in Virtual racing in

Was just glad to get to the race. I ended up 11th after starting 16th. Top 8 are moving on to the World Finals. Bummer was that I did have the 8th fastest lap, but while catching up, spun slightly, and due to the shortness of the race (30 minutes) was not able to get any closer.