Monday, March 5, 2012

SASCA Event #3

Well, the wheels seem to be falling off now. Not losing any hope yet, but suffered the second consecutive loss.

Had another difficult time with tight turns and bogging. Also gave away two runs by somehow forgetting to turn off the traction control both of my first two runs. There was a really tight turn at the finish that took me totally out of boost and left me pushing into the outside cone if I tried to carry any speed. I tried shifting to first there on the third run, but it didn't seem fruitful.

I think with the lack of camber, a tight corner at the end of a course is going to find me with over-heated tires and just not enough grip to carry speed.

I'm taking measurements myself and ordering the camber plates tomorrow. Never heard back from Eibach.

Sold my iracing/CCNP study computer to pay for the camber plates, so I'm experimenting with Win8 right now, on the living room entertainment PC, so I don't have all the pics, and vids from the last race yet uploaded to this computer.