Saturday, December 27, 2014

In the interest of not putting the cart before the horse...Tow vehicle acquired

Even a little bigger than I thought I'd go:

5.7L, 4x4 (not intentional), and Tow package (intentional...)

Seems to be solid. but the weird transmission I was warned about is definitely there.

Has a pretty cool SnugTop bed cover that the PO wired with some lighting. I like it, and already feel more manly, and less of a Texan transplant.

So next, have to decide on open or enclosed trailer. Leaning towards enclosed.

Also, looks like I'll end up winning F-street. No one showed for F-Street in the last event, so it ended up being a done deal.

I don't think I lost a race in class after mounting the Koni's. Made a big difference even on toasty tires. But I lost every race to the guys that were running X-Pro class. Fastest of the also rans. With some new 255's I think I could have been within a second of them, but generally was a good two seconds out. Giving up 200hp can't be made up with just a well balanced car.

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